About Us

About Us

One N One Perfume

One N One Perfume is a company, incorporated on 22 September 2017 in the republic of Mauritius. Our company derived the name One N One from the unique products that we produced in Mauritius from different flowers grown over the Island. We are the only “One N One” over the Island who have introduced the concepts 100% Agro ecology perfume.
One N One has created the perfume for tourists who after having visited our paradise island and left with an exotic souvenir from us where they have smelled the fragrance all around the island like “Filao” which they have found on all our beaches, “Frangipane” are mostly found in all our hotels while on their holidays.
Until now we have introduced six different perfume from our local flowers such as Frangipane, Ylang-Ylang, Filao, Oiseau Du Paradis, Oiseau Du Paradis Blanc & Bougainvillea

Our Mission

One N One Perfume.

To embody the Mauritian image through our
unique Agro ecology perfume to the tourism sector.

• Offer Superior quality products to give our customers
a sense of positive and everlasting emotion.
• Excellence in all operations.
• To create sensory emotions.

Choice for all


Incarner l’image mauricienne à travers notre parfum
Agroécologie unique destiné au secteur du tourisme.
• Offrir des produits de qualité supérieure, c’est donner
à nos clients un sentiment d’émotion positive et qui ne
s’arrête jamais...
• Excellence dans tous les opérations.
• Créer des émotions sensorielles.

About Us