Terre de Paradis

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Terre de Paradis is extracted from the flowers using a water and steam distillation method. The      essential oil and perfume has an aroma that has been described as fruity, pungent, sweet and flowery. It is a highly appreciated flower in perfumery and aroma therapy.

The vine bears flowers early and more blooms with fragrance in the evening when the flowers get yellow .Flowers are numerous, large, yellow green, strongly scented and have six petals with slightly recurved lips .The flowers start to droop with mature. It requires seven to ten years to produce flowers in quantities sufficient for harvesting.

The harvesting should be done during early morning hours as the flowers contain more essential oil during night, particularly, just before day break as the day progresses and oil content rapidly diminishes.

To obtain 1kg of essential oil about 80kg of flowers need to get crashed. It is among the most divine fragrance oil with enriching qualities.

Ylang Ylang is a rich floral scent with a delicate flowery note and has a very sensuous romantic smell.


It is one beautiful flower and different people experience different smell from it.


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Terre de Paradis

Terre de Paradis